Team Bios
      ------------------------------------  Kevin Barnes  
      ------------------------------------  Mike Haigh
      ------------------------------------  Mike Liyeos
      ------------------------------------  Melissa Walters 
      ------------------------------------  Rob Walters
      ------------------------------------  Bill Mastin  
      ------------------------------------  Robin Mufti  
      ------------------------------------  Brett Dahlman  


 Rob spent his first three years in the real estate business at InSite Real Estate Development in Oak Brook, IL focused on acquiring land sites for the development and leasing of small-shop retail space. In three years he developed twelve projects in four states. In addition to these developments, he signed leases and built relationships with many retailers including Chipotle, FedEx Kinkos, T-Mobile, Allcare Dental & Dentures, Duckwall-Alco, Sprint, Potbelly Sandwich Works, and Starbucks.


Rob left InSite in April of 2007 to start Astro Real Estate Development which was the precursor to Quattro Development L.L.C., his current venture that is solely focused on small-shop retail build-to-suit projects nationwide. Quattro endeavors to be the premier developer of small-shop retail space in the country. Rob graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s College of Business with a Finance degree.



Rob also served in the National Guard as an officer and is currently active as a founder of First Chance, a not for profit organization that sends lower income, inner-city high school students on study and volunteer abroad opportunities.


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